Some our most notable properties include:

The Summer Oaks Apartments These unique, quiet, and beautifully landscaped apartments in downtown Ojai are perfect for working professionals. The complex boasts a charming and well-tended organic rose and vegetable garden year-round. Due to high demand, occupancy rates consistently remain over 90%. The community boasts wonderful amenities including walking and hiking trails, water park, tennis courts, golf course, several playgrounds, soccer fields, and much more!

The Santa Rosa Bungalos / Dos Caminos  These charming homes  are appointed with many elegant details including custom crafted wood features throughout. These vintage style buildings feature units that combine the cozy feel of a smaller unit with the space of an individual home. Select units feature wood floors and a granite countertops. Conveniently located in the Midtown and Hospital District.

Charming Main Street Craftman Homes  These period Craftsman, individual and two-story multi-tenant homes are located near downtown Ventura. Built in the early 1900's, their Craftsman design make them unique  homes. Stunning architecture and functional design make these houses a real treasure!

The Plaza Park Downtown  One block from central downtown, bordering historical Plaza Park, these homes and commercial units are ideally located for business and entertainment. The beach, theater, and upscale restaurants are within a short walking distance.The vibrant downtown atmosphere make these properties a highly sought after place to live and work. Flanked by grass, trees and historical buildings, the Plaza Park properties have it all!

Call (805) 701-4805 for availability, leasing information, and application requirements.

1073 N. Ventura Ave. Suite #E
Ventura, CA. 93001
(805) 641-2880 Fax: (805) 641-1993

Baylor Drive and West-End Flint Apartments  Baylor Apartments have beautiful upgrades and an amazing location, walking distance from parks, the San Buenaventura Shopping Mall, and Ventura College.  On the west-end of Ventura we have Flint Live-Work units that are beautifully designed and just blocks from downtown Main Street.

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